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Motivational Speaking
Consulting – Legislative Affairs – Public Relations


It is time for change – and change will be our friend. America is ready for a new vision of conservation and environmental stewardship that is based upon hope instead of fear. In order to share this vision we must first reintroduce the American consumer to the processes and the people of production and then lead – not just fight – the discussion over our environment. Those who work at the ground level in implementing society’s framework for protecting the environment are positioned at the leading edge of the changes and challenges of this discussion. That edge provides exciting opportunities and hope. *Approximately 45 minutes

Keynote Brief: "WITH VISION, THERE IS HOPE" – How local government can lead the way.
The old environmental movement was timely and necessary but failed to mature beyond a three word vision of 'Stop Doing That.' That vision will not feed, clothe and shelter the coming population and protect the environment. We need a new vision of environmentalism based upon hope instead of fear, science instead of emotion, education instead of litigation, resolution instead of conflict and employing, rather than destroying human resources.' This new vision can and should be built where the real impacts are first felt - at the local level through County level government. *Approximately 45 minutes

Keynote Brief: "WITH VISION, THERE IS HOPE" – How NOT to be the career of last choice.
An entire generation of students have been taught that career choices that include ‘getting your hands dirty’ are somehow less than fulfilling – at least for anyone with intelligence. This wrong-headed thought process is especially dangerous for the producers that feed, cloth, and shelter humanity. We must take steps to correct this stimulus if we want a healthy economy, protected planet, and competent work force in the next generation. *Approximately 45 minutes

Note: The keynote is a primary presentation that either stands alone or sets the stage for the coming seminar(s).


How to make activism as business line item – and avoid having it take over your life. *Approximately 1.5 hrs.

Alook at how local media, local civic groups and local government can be our best friends. Case studies serve as a backdrop to this exciting and important discussion of activism made easy and fun. *Approximately 1 hr.

How and why to engage in a fast growing, Presidential award winning urban/rural cultural exchange program that was called the most exciting education initiative in decades by the Wall Street Journal. It has multiple programmatic aspects with ground breaking communication—including a new, exciting online educational gaming site. *Approximately 1.5-2 hrs.

An in depth look at the strategies of thebusinesses built on a three word vision of "Stop Doing That" and discussing ideas on developing counter strategies that work - and are fun to implement. *Approximately 1 hr.

We operate only with the consent of the public. Understanding society's concerns about environmental issues and animal husbandry issues (they LOVE the environment and animals...)is critical in positively engaging that public body. *Approximately 1-1.5 hrs.

The new social media that is changing the way people think about the world around them and is driving the old news media headlines is ‘blogging.’ The addition of some 60,000 blogs to the blogosphere each month is both an alarming reality and an incredible opportunity – if we take action and become players in this exciting new world. The session is used to describe ‘Blogosphere’ realities and teach attendees how to engage. *1-4 hrs.


Environomics…non-traditional solutions to traditional problems.

Established in 1992, Environomics represents the merged talents of the partners in a full service issues management, government affairs and public relations firm with an innovative method of working with the hybrid of politics/public relations. We hail from resource-providing industries, grassroots organizing and public relations. The strength of our relationships with groups internationally allows us to offer our clients access to a powerful and diverse network of advocates of sustainable use, property rights and the free market.

Environomics offers the following services and more:

*Public Affairs *Campaign Management *NEPA Management
*Government Affairs *Crisis Communications *NEPA Comment Coordination
*Public Relations *Situation Due Diligence *NGO Due Diligence

For additional information, please visit the Environomics Website.

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